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Scootaheadz Scooter Friends & Cuteez
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ScooterHeadz, Scootee Cuteez for Scooters & Bikes
Scootaheadz, Scootee Cuteez and Scooter Friends are made to make your mini scooter look cool and fun. Will Fit most T-bar scooters and also bikes and trikes.
Includes a built in bracket to allow the scootaheadz to fit the bar. Made from flexible PVC and is totally waterproof for easy cleaning and will give years of enjoyment.

New Elsa Mint Unicorn Scootaheadz now available.

  • Scootaheadz
  • Pippa pony-pink
  • Lovely Lola-purple
  • Timmy T Rex-blue
  • Danny Dino-green
  • Cheeky Charly-brown
  • Pretty Pearl-white unicorn (Same as White Unicorn Scootee Cuteez)
  • Surfing Sammy-Blue Shark
  • Bella Pink Unicorn
  • Elsa Mint Unicorn

  • Scooter Friends
  • Unicorn Pink
  • Dino Green
  • Unicorn Violet
  • Dino Blue

Hello, this is how you turn your scooter into your
favourite friend: It's as easy as one, two, three.

Use your fingers to widen the gap of my neck, point my nose
upwards & slot me down firmly onto the horizontal bar
(no need to move the handle grips)

Now simply push my nose
down and forwards so I attach
to the vertical bar. Don't worry,
it won't hurt me
Wheeeee! I'm ready for
lots of adventures.

Elsa Mint Unicorn Scootaheadz
Mint Unicorn Scootaheadz
Pink Scootaheadz Unicorn
  • ┬áPale Pink Unicorn

Dalmation Dog
Dalmation Dog