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Family BMX Helmet
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Family BMX, Scooter Helmet
Introducing the Family BMX Helmet—an essential gear for BMX enthusiasts. Designed specifically to meet Australian Standards, this helmet ensures optimal safety and protection. Its compliance with CE Standards further guarantees its quality and reliability.

Crafted with an ABS Hard Shell, this helmet offers a robust and durable construction. Equipped with 11 strategically placed vents, it provides excellent ventilation, keeping riders cool and comfortable during intense rides.

The helmet features 5mm Die Cut Padding, enhancing comfort and providing a snug fit. Its Dial-Fit system allows for easy and precise adjustments, ensuring a personalized fit for riders of all ages.

Safety is paramount, and the ITW Standard Buckle ensures secure fastening and peace of mind. The Family BMX Helmet is available in three sizes, catering to a range of head circumferences: Small (50-54cm), Medium (54-59cm), and Large (58-61cm).

Weighing a mere 429 grams in the small size variant, this helmet combines lightweight design with uncompromising protection. The Family BMX Helmet is available in two sleek color options: Flat Black and Gloss White, providing style choices to suit individual preferences.

Remember, when purchasing a BMX helmet, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Look for helmets that adhere to Australian Standards like the Family BMX Helmet, ensuring you enjoy your BMX adventures with peace of mind.

Full Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet
CE Standards approved bicycle helmet
ABS Hard Shell
11 Vents
5mm Die Cut Padding
Dial-Fit system
ITW Standard Buckle
3 sizes available....
Small 50-54cm
Medium 54-59cm
Large 58-61cm
Weight 429 grams (small)
Available in Flat Black or Gloss White