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Root Industries Invictus 2 Scooter
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Root Industries Invictus 2 Scooter

Derived from Latin, the term "Invictus" translates to unconquerable, encapsulating the essence of the all-new Root Industries Invictus 2 complete scooter. Striking a perfect balance between affordability and quality, this scooter is tailor-made for riders eager to advance rapidly in the sport. Offering a level of riding excellence typically associated with higher-priced models, the Invictus 2 is a testament to Root Industries' commitment to providing exceptional performance.

The primary objective behind the development of the Invictus 2 range was to furnish riders with a tool that accelerates their progression. This objective is achieved through an enhanced deck design in the Invictus 2, surpassing its predecessor. The deck maximizes foot-space, ensuring optimal comfort without compromising on compactness, facilitating swift and smooth execution of stunts.

A standout feature in the Invictus 2 complete scooter is the inclusion of Root Industries' signature Honeycore wheels, included as standard in all color options. These ultra-light 110mm x 24mm wheels contribute to the scooter's stability and balance, facilitating natural and fluid movements for an enhanced riding experience. Paired with Root Industries' renowned ABEC-11 bearings for unparalleled speed, specialized HMA bars for weight reduction, and a frictionless AIR headset for seamless whipping capability, the Invictus 2 emerges as a top-tier professional scooter, propelling progression at a pace that feels almost effortless.

With a total height of 85cm from the ground to the top of the bar, the Root Industries Invictus 2 Scooter stands as a symbol of unbeatable performance and rapid advancement in the world of scootering.