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Addict Ballast BPM
Addict Ballast BPM
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Addict Ballast BPM

As quickly explained in the second page, BPM is a new system created by Addict.
Its aim is to change the Balance Point of the scooter.
Addictparts are light so by this way, the user can change his feeling and adapt his scooter to his ride.
A weight on the front will help the rider with all the tricks done with the front of the scooter (nose manual,
toothpick, barspin...)
A weight on the back will change the feeling when doing whips, or just jumping and spinning.
BPM weights are little copper parts. You can put them under the brake or inside the fork tube (with the
Back BPM weights are available in 60g - $17.95 and 150g $29.95
Front BPM weights are available in 150g-$17.95 and 300g $29.95